Group Life Coaching Services
For Women

Worcester’s Experienced Life Coach Committed To Helping You Achieve The Results You Desire


Two 90-minute group coaching sessions per month.

  • Overcome your past traumas and release the stories that have kept you stuck
  • Forgive yourself & others and tap into your loving essence and divine purpose.
  • Grow your confidence and self worth
  • Stop people pleasing & learn how to set healthy boundaries  
  • Enjoy greater awareness, clarity and peace as you learn to trust your intuition....
  • Experience deeper love and connection in your relationships as you show up from a place of authenticity and truth.  
  • Live with more freedom, fulfillment and balance as you create a life you love.

Includes Monthly

  •  Two 90-minute group coaching sessions - includes teaching and community
  • Growth work assignments
  • Tools and techniques to help you breakthrough, grow and evolve.
  • BONUS: 1 Introductory individual coaching session and one graduation individual coaching session.

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