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Last week we we had a wonderful opportunity to be featured in Worcester's social online newspaper, Below is our recent feature.

5 Ways Hiring a Life Coach Can Transform Your Business

It is no secret, business owners have a lot on their plate and many hats to wear. At times, it can feel like the whole world is sitting on their shoulders. So much to get done, in so little time. Those feelings can turn a happy and ambitious entrepreneur into one that is stressed and maybe even questioning their decision to get into business at all.

Many times when individuals feel stuck or have lost their direction a life coach can help empower the business owner to positively move forward and with an action plan to tackle it all in a more stress-free way.

Below are five ways hiring a life coach can not only transform a business but help give the clarity and accountability needed to excel.

1. Set Goals

Working with a life coach is like having your own personal and business cheerleader. Their main goal is to help you succeed. They take the time to listen to where you are struggling and identify what is blocking your way of reaching your goals. Sometimes, goals can be unknown. This is were a good coach will learn the vision and mission of your business and help you establish obtainable and exciting goals. They will be there to help you navigate your way and hold you accountable to achieve each goal.

2. Provide Clarity

When you are working day in and day out in your business, sometimes things can get a bit cloudy. Working with a life coach that focuses on your business allows you to have a second set of eyes on the ultimate prize, your business succeeding! Coaching sessions allow business owners to push past major mental blocks and negative emotions that might have been built up over time. Coaching allows individuals to start with a new slate and with clearer intentions.

3. Motivation

You would be surprised what a little encouragement can do for your business. The sheer fact of having someone rooting for you in your corner is the type of encouragement that increases productivity. Having a life coach who understands you, your work style and your setbacks allow a positive experience of change that will directly effect your business in a profitable way.

4. Reduces Stress

How you manage your health and wellness has a direct impact on how successful one can be professionally. Being a business owner can take a huge toll on a person’s mind and body if not cared for in the right way. Working with a life coach helps identify unnoticed daily habits that could be effecting your mindset and productivity. A life coach will be able to provide helpful suggestions that with time and consistency; they will be able to reduce the stress in your life and in your body.

5. Increase Your Income

We are our toughest critics. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit or see our own real value. It is hard to charge what your business deserves if you don’t think you deserve it. This is where a life coach comes into play. Through coaching sessions, a new positive outlook focused internally can be born. Also, new positive patterns of behavior can be introduced to realize just how valuable you are.

In conclusion, stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out to a professional life coach that focuses on business is a step in the right direction. Having someone to talk to and support your vision is priceless. Life coaching has been said to increase confidence, inspiration and drive.

If you or someone you know are in search of more clarity around your business, we encourage you to reach out to Divine Growth Coaching of Worcester, Massachusetts. It can save you time, money and give you that boost your business deserves. To learn more, visit