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We are all energetic beings. And when you can raise your frequency, it helps elevate your mood, which in turn allows you to attract the things you want in a way that feels easy and effortless. 

It’s easy to tell when your frequency is high or low by checking on the emotions you’re experiencing at the moment. Love, peace, joy, and gratitude are high-level frequencies, while guilt, shame, fear, anger, or anything that makes you feel “off” are lower-level frequencies.

It always feels better when you’re living with high-frequency energy. But how can you elevate your frequency when you aren’t feeling so great? Check out six of my favorite tips for raising your frequency.

1. Strengthen your awareness.

The more you understand yourself, the easier it is to know when you need to take a moment to raise your frequency as well as which techniques you prefer to use. 

In order to know if your frequency could use a boost, it’s essential to check in with yourself. To start, you can set the alarm on your phone, and when it goes off, just ask yourself how you feel. Observe whatever pops up without judgment, and start asking why a specific emotion is showing up for you.

2. Try some breathwork.

Suppose you find your mind racing and intense emotions rolling in. Pause and focus on your breath. When you can slow your breathing, it also slows down your mind. It’s easier to get out of fight or flight mode and move into your heart space, where you are more in touch with your soul. 

Breathwork can be as easy as just closing your eyes. When we work on breathwork, we are seated. You can sit in a chair or lie on the floor. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. By placing your hand on your heart, you are physically connected to your heart space and settling into the present moment. With the other hand on your belly, you can feel your breaths from the outside.

I like breathwork because it’s simple yet effective and can take as little or as much time as you want. You can count your breaths if that helps you focus. Usually, when I do this, six breaths will get me to where I need to be. It depends on the situation that I'm dealing with. 

3. Meditate.

I know you hear this one a lot. But it’s worth repeating because the benefits of meditation are just amazing. So I'm going to preach it like everybody else - if you're not meditating, you need to try it!

There is a misconception that if you think while meditating, you're doing it wrong. And that's not true at all. You're always going to think. The reason for meditating is to bring awareness to those thoughts so that you can determine whether they are serving you anymore and replace them with your truth, which helps you manifest what you want from life more effectively.

If you're a beginner at mediation, start with guided meditations. You can find them on YouTube, and there are several apps out there that you can try. I like guided meditations for my clients who are just starting because it helps give you a focus other than trying not to think.

Then try it on your own when you’re ready. Start for five minutes each day for a week. If you've gotten good at that, work your way up to 15 minutes.

4. Practice gratitude.

I love working with clients on gratitude. 

If we practice gratitude in our life every day it really shifts everything around for you. I think when you're grateful for things in your life you attract even more to be grateful for.

I live my life by gratitude. And I do it without judgment. When things show up in my life that I don’t necessarily perceive as something that I want, I can use my awareness to sit down and try to find the opportunity in the situation. Then I can reframe it and be grateful because it’s only pointing out something about me that I can learn and grow from. 

Practicing gratitude by journaling has helped me and many of my clients. Once you begin writing you'll start flowing and even finding more and more things to write about to be grateful for. You may write about things and at first you think it's a huge challenge. But then you can look back and realize that it was an event that led you to something beautiful. 

5. Visualize.

Did you know that 95% of our thoughts come from our subconscious and only 5% are conscious? So let’s create mental pictures of how you want to live your life and give your subconscious something amazing to focus on!

Think of anything that you're calling into your life, and make a little movie in your mind about it. Show yourself what your day looks like:

  •  Where are you?
  •  Who is with you?
  •  What are you doing?
  •  What do you see, hear, taste, feel, and smell?

Take time for it to visualize that every day, the more detailed it is, the better. Even if it's just for a few minutes each day, make it a priority. It really does help ground that vision into your life and into your subconscious mind! 

6. Explore nature.

This is my favorite! I love being in nature. I know that some of us live in cold and snowy places. Sometimes we don't want to be outside so much, but you can still experience nature by looking out your window. 

If you can, get outside to ground yourself. I love being barefoot on the grass, leaning against a tree just to feel the energy of Mother Nature. It brings you into the present when you can just simply observe everything. 

Looking at clouds, stars, the moon, listening to birds, or the wind rustling through the leaves always leaves me in awe. Everything is in an easy, effortless flow and immediately levels up my frequency.

Figure out what’s best for you.

There are so many different ways to raise your frequency, and these six are just a few I found that worked a lot for my clients and for myself. There's no right or wrong here. You’ll know when you find what works for you. I’d love to hear what you do to raise your frequency!

Not sure where to start? Let’s have a conversation.

If you find yourself in a low-frequency state more often than not and could use some help to raise your frequency, Divine Growth Coaching is here for you. Learn more about us or schedule a free Breakthrough Session today.