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Losing someone you love is hard. It is considered one of the hardest things we must go through in our lifetime. There is no quick fix, remedy or cure to remove the suffering aspect of a loss. Everyone responds differently and identifies coping methods that work best for them. In fact, there is no “normal” amount of time a person should grieve. Grief is a personal journey. However, there are ways that can help you make the grieving process a little bit easier. 

Accept that it is going to take time

Everyone processes the loses in their life differently. Giving yourself the feeling that it is okay to take as long as you need to process this loss will help you do it more comfortably without any expectations or mental restraints.

Talk about it

Studies show holding your emotions in is not only harmful to your mental health, but it can actually stunts the process of healing from the loss. Many people find it easier to push those feelings deep down inside but there is actually power talking about the loss.

Honor them
Your loved one is gone but you can still do things in the physical world that will honor their memory. You can visit their grave site and bring them flowers, light a special candle dedicated to them or even make a donation in their name to a charity that held a special place in their hearts.

Be aware of your behaviors

It can be a hard time emotionally and mentally when someone you love is gone. Make sure to be aware of your own behaviors. If you find yourself doing things in excess that you did not do before, take note, and try to talk to someone to help cope with your current state. It is common for people to look for ways to cope with the loss with drugs, alcohol or other risky decisions. Being aware of how you are handling the situation makes sure you stay in control.

Surround yourself with others

We realize everyone is different and some people just want space when they leave lose someone they love. However, we have found a great way to deal with these emotions is to surround yourself with the ones you love. They will elevate your energy and be a great support system in your time of need.

We hope these examples help you or a loved one in this very delicate time. However, if the process of healing starts to affect your day-to-day life and you are feeling extremely overwhelmed with emotions, we encourage you to seek professional help.  A professional can include a therapist, psychiatrist, counselor or coach. A professional can provide support and tools to help you cope and navigate this journey so that you can more effectively heal and grow through this process.