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Each of us is put here on Earth with a specific reason. However, one of the biggest challenges we face is figuring out exactly what we want or should be doing with our lives.For some of us, our purpose and passion in life are obvious and clear. We’re born with a set of talents and through persistent practice, we develop our talents into skills and go on to utilize them in our purpose work. For others, the task to identify purpose is not as clear. There are no specific timeframes or ways one comes into their own realization of their purpose, but there are ways you can be more intentional to find your purpose quicker. Below are a few examples of specific ways to help you find your purpose. 

What do your loved ones say? 

A lot of time the ones we are around can see our purpose a lot clearer than we can ourselves. They see certain characteristics that stick out from our personalities or talents that just seem like second nature to us. A great exercise is to ask the ones around you what they admire about you or what type of work they think you would be great at. They might have additional insight that will be able to help you while working to find your purpose. 

Where do you gather? 

Take a look at who you resonate with. Have you been a member of a certain association? Is there a specific cause that you passionately support? Do you regularly converse with others in a specific Facebook group or Twitter conversation about a particular topic? All of these examples are great ways to find specific topics or areas that your personality has organic interest in. Take a closer look, your purpose might align in these communities. 

What do you enjoy? 

One of the most effective ways to find your purpose is to simply sit down and think about the things you enjoy doing. Do you love drawing, singing... maybe even writing? To the naked eye it might seem like those are things you just like doing, but internally your natural skill to be able to do these things well might be your real calling in life. A great way to analyze if you should explore those talents more is if you could see yourself doing that specific thing for years and would be happy doing it. Your purpose work will never actually feel like work. 

Stop searching 

Some many people get hung up on learning their purpose that it becomes their main focus. Their attention is more fixated on identifying the “meaning of life” than actually living life. Believe it or not, that actually lengthens the process of identifying your purpose because ones purpose is found within the actual life journey. There needs to be real-life experiences, lessons, aha moments and more to really learn where one should be. Try to release control and let the universe show you your real purpose.