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Every relationship is unique, and it can sometimes be challenging to understand if you and your partner have a healthy relationship. Many people have preconceived ideas about what makes a relationship healthy, and they might not all be true or relevant. 

A healthy relationship is important because it often leads to improved well-being in other areas of life, too. It might inspire you to look at other relationships in your life and identify other ways you can make them healthier, invest in your physical and mental health, and generally take steps towards personal development. In other words, a healthy relationship can have a positive effect on many things in your life, not just to the relationship itself. 

Below we have included five signs that indicate your current relationship is in a healthy space. 

You can have hard conversations.

No matter how healthy your relationship is, you’re going to have to have difficult conversations on occasion. How does it feel to check in if you and your partner have a misunderstanding? What about when you have a vulnerable topic to discuss? 

If you can share hard things with your partner without worrying how they’ll take it or what it might do to your relationship, you’re likely feeling secure and understood. Sounds like a healthy relationship to us! 

Your boundaries are respected.

Next, think about your boundaries within the relationship. Every relationship is going to involve boundaries. For example, maybe one person needs more alone time than the other or has different budgeting priorities for the month. 

If you can share these needs and they are heard and respected, that’s a great sign for your relationship.

You enjoy spending time together.

Our next sign is a simple one: you enjoy spending time together. This might sound a little too simple, but enjoying quality time together is a signal that you love and respect your partner and that you want to share your life with them. 

While you can definitely appreciate your alone time and still have a healthy relationship, enjoying your time together as a couple is a key trait that many positive relationships share.

Your loved ones approve.

This one may or may not apply depending on your particular situation, but in general, it’s a good sign if your friends and family approve of your relationship. 

If your loved ones understand you well and want the best for your future, their approval likely indicates that they see the same value in your partner that you see. On the other hand, if you don’t see eye to eye about relationships, you may choose to disregard their opinions and move on to the next sign.  

You feel like your best self.

Lastly, in a healthy relationship, your partner will support you in feeling like your best self. Your relationship should bring out your best qualities and make you feel empowered. 

If you’re feeling stifled or you don’t like the qualities your partner brings out in you, it may be time to reflect. But, if you love the person you’re becoming alongside your partner, that’s a great sign that your relationship is a positive force in your life. 


There you have it! If your relationship has most or all of the qualities above, there’s a good chance your relationship is healthy and strong. 

If not, don’t worry! Only you will know how to approach your unique relationship, but many of the items on this list can be improved to set your relationship on a new, healthier course. With the right conversations and a supportive partner, you’ll be on the right track in no time.