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This month might have been our favorite month since we began Divine Growth Coaching. You know why? Because we focused all of our blogs, videos, social media and especially our weekly Wednesday Wisdom videos on you! Yes, you! This whole month was focused on the importance of self-love and we are far from done. We are ending this month with a powerful reminder that loving yourself is necessary every single day, not just in the month of July. *wink, wink*

Explore some of the most important reasons below on why we believe you need to make a healthy habit of loving yourself each and every day.

You Accept You for You
We know you have heard people refer to the journey of life as a rollercoaster, right?! There are ups and there are downs. There are also good decisions and bad decisions we have made in all of our pasts. The good thing is, each an every single person has a past and the power to move forward from it. There are no benefits in being held hostage in negative memories or the "what if's" of life. Embracing self love and accepting you for you and letting go of the “past you” or choices you have made gives you your power back. You are not her and you don’t live there anymore. Today is a new day and it's time embrace your internal growth and let your mind, body and soul know they are loved! 

You Make Others Feel Awesome
Even on your worst days you seem to put a smile on other peoples faces. How special is that?! You are a ray of sunlight that others look forward to seeing daily. Don’t stop shining, its part of your journey to help others along the way... even when your own days might be trying. The world appreciates your warm heart and beautiful smile that you pleasantly share with others in your circle!

You’ve Come So Far
You are here today and that deserves to be acknowledged. No matter how big of an obstacle life has thrown your way, you have made it through with flying colors. Give yourself a pat on your back and little smile in the mirror because life isn't easy, but you are doing a great job at it! 

You are an Inspiration
Believe it or not, there are many people looking up to you. Yes, don’t believe us? Start looking around. It might be the teenage girl who lives next-door to you that always looks at you with a shy smile. It could be your parent, watching you grow in awe and seeing you keep making things happen. The point is, keep on doing what you are doing. You truly are motivating others to be all they can be.

Simply Because You are You

This is our most important reason... you are one of a kind. There is not one replica, copy or clone on this Earth. You were made with a specific purpose and that itself needs to be recognized and appreciated. Nobody can be you and that is the beauty in it!

The above reasons are all important but the truth is you are worthy of loving yourself unconditionally every single day without any of the above reasons. You are you and by learning to accept yourself, you regain your power. The only opinion in the world that matters is yours, so remember how much you love yourself each day. It is the most effective way to create the life you want to live, inside and out!