10 Essential Steps to Obtain Your Goals in 2021

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This year is officially coming to a close. It is the last week of the year and most will agree that the year 2020 was a bit unique. Society was faced with many challenges and an uncomfortable new normal that we all had to transition into very quickly. However, there were many silver linings along the way. Families were able to spend more time together and the overworked finally got to slow down. Additionally, a lot of people used their “down time” to reflect on what they wanted to achieve in life. Some set their eyes on new careers, others decided to go back to school and some businesses learned to pivot to stay afloat. They all had one thing in common. They all were making goals they wanted to achieve to improve their lives.

Making a goal seems easy, but so many miss the step of actually making a process to achieve the desired outcome. In this article we are going to review ten essential steps to help you obtain your goals in the upcoming year. This outline will help you set and plan your goals by achieving greater clarity and uncovering possible challenges before they arise. 

1.  Clearly Specify Your Outcome

Once you decide on the goal you want to achieve; it is time to take the details of it up a notch. The more specific you are on the outcome you want to achieve, the better. Be clear with your desired outcome. Some great examples of questions to help you find more clarity are:

        - Ask yourself: “ What will I see, hear and feel when I have it?

        - Make your goals compelling and meaningful to you.

        - Future pace it:  It is now December, 21, 2121 and ...

        - Write out your goal clearly, specifically and in present tense, “I have…, I am… or I do…”

2.  State Your Outcome in a Positive Way

Be sure to always have a positive outlook on life and the things you desire. Your perspective in life plays a big part on the way you obtain your goals an desired outcomes. Learn to identify what you specifically want as opposed to focusing on what you don’t want. Leave no room for negativity in your mind or around the goals you set.

3.  Specify The Current Situation

Take a moment to acknowledge where you currently are now in regard to where you want to be in the future. Reflect on past decisions or thoughts that have got you to your present state. Are there things you could do differently in the future to obtain your specific goal?

4.  Take Action

A goal is nothing without taking action to achieve it. The next step in bringing your goal to life is identifying actionable items to get you there. A good way to plan your next step is to ask yourself the below:

“If I had nothing else but to achieve this goal, what is the very next action I would take?"

This question gives you a clearer picture of the immediate steps needed to get you closer to your desired outcome.

5.   Uncover The Evidence

Now that you have identified a handful of actionable next steps, it is time to uncover how you will know when your final goal has been achieved? Is it a certain amount of time, weight or money needed to be achieved? Be specific on the exact outcome and keep working towards that vision. 

6. Is Your Goal Congruently Desirable?

Many people have goals and outcomes but they are uncertain about these desires. Take the time to review what the benefits are to you of this specific outcome. Will all the hard work during the process of achieving this goal be worth it? Take this time to reflect on the goal and really decide if this is what you truly want. 

7. Identify Who is Involved

Take a moment to identify if this goal will be only affecting you or will others benefit as well? If others are involved in achieving this goal, be specific on who is in charge or achieving the end results. The more specific you can be with everyone involved, the better. This ensures everyone knows their role in meeting the set goal.

8. Contextualize Your Goal

I know we have mentioned before about being very clear on your set outcomes. The more detailed you are on these goals the easier it is to identify if the goal is achievable or even really wanted. The following are great questions to help you get more clarity.

- Where do you want this goal to happen?

- When do you want this goal to happen?

- How will this goal happen?

- With whom do you want to achieve this goal or is it only for you?

- Are there drawbacks in any of these contexts?

9.  Establish Resources

Make a list of the personal resources you have that will help you achieve this goal. Also, identify the resources that you are missing that will help you achieve your end goal. Be resourceful yourself, do you know others that have achieved the same goal? If so, can you pick their brain to find out how they were successful?

A great exercise is to close your eyes and imagine you have already achieved your goal. Think about what resources you needed to get it.

10.  Is It Ecological?

This last step is the most overlooked step. Sometimes our initial thoughts to obtain a goal can come from temporary emotions and other external forces. Take the time to decide if your goal: 

        - Is good for yourself, others and the planet?

        - What is the real purpose of obtaining this?

        - What will you gain or lose if you have it?

In closing, the more questions you ask yourself in the beginning stages of planning out your goal, the more clarity you will receive around obtaining it. Always keep in mind your desired outcome, take the next logical step of action, be flexible and do your best! Lastly, don’t forget to have fun along the way and enjoy the journey as setting goals is not only about the achievement of the goal, but about the person that you become on your way to obtain your goal.

Looking to obtain more clarity around your goals or create a new vision for 2021? Schedule a free consultation with us and we will happily work together to help you create a plan to bring your desired outcomes to life in the new year.