How to Begin Practicing Gratitude

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The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is simply put as showing thanks and appreciation. The simple act of stoping and thinking about all of the great things that you are thankful for can give a pleasantly more positive outlook on life than what normally meets the eye. Practicing gratitude helps people look at their present life more abundantly and minimizes any lacking thoughts.

The act of practicing gratitude has been scientifically proven to improve lives in many ways, especially around health. Physically, practicing gratitude has been known to increase energy levels, improve sleeping habits and speed up recoveries when feeling sick. Additionally, studies have shown a decrease in the chances of suffering from depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorders. Self-confidence and the way you feel about your own body image has been known to enhance as well. People who consistently practice gratitude are always grateful and full of happiness. They share a sense of pride and hope in their lives and feel much more connected to others. 

It is Easy to Begin

Getting started with gratitude is a lot easier than one might think. The best way to begin is to select a time of the day that you would like to dedicate to the practice. Keep in mind, you only need a few minutes of your time. By doing this you are already making a mental note when you will be setting time aside in your day to show thanks. Once the timeframe is established, you can select which style of practice is right for you. 

Some people ease into the practice by just sitting and thinking of all the things they are thankful for. Others begin to write down those specific things and others take it a step further and document their thanks in a Gratitude Journal. You could even be creative and record a video or audio during your gratitude sessions. The format of the practice doesn’t have to be set in stone. Each person does what works for them. What is important is to remain consistent, practice daily and really take the time to reflect on all the wonderful things in your life.

Identifying Things to Be Thankful For

Some of us are used to focusing on what we are lacking when we have so much wonderful things right in front of us to be thankful for. If you initially have a hard time identifying things to appreciate, take a look around you. Look for the small things that are taken for granted on a daily basis.


  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Oxygen
  • Clothes
  • Our senses (sight, smell, hearing, listening, etc.)
  • Our jobs
  • Our health


As you can see, this example list can go on and on. These types of things are a great place to start. We really have so much to be thankful for. Once you begin to practice gratitude, your mind will start to realize so many other things that are currently in your life that you can be thankful for. Soon your daily routine of gratitude will be filled with more things than you can think of… and that is the goal. It is time to truly appreciate the abundance of wonderful things we already have in our lives.

Start Today
Like the saying goes by Thomas Jefferson, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. Take a few minutes out of your day and acknowledge a handful of things you are thankful for. Let us know how your first time practicing gratitude felt. Was it easy? Did it come natural? What did you find hard about the process or was it enjoyable? We can’t wait to hear about your experiences! 

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